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GM-Parts-Liste GM-PART-LIST orginal GM Parts Download GM CLICK HERE 0 
GM Offset Motor Stan GM Engine Offset Standard Original GM Offset Engine. Long Engine or Short Engine, complete with all original GM parts. For special parts, look at the GM Tuning list. Price for the Kit-Engine on request. 4998,57 
GM001-Rund Cylinderhead-Round Cylinderhead-round-unfinished ports 609,09 
GM001-Rund- CNC Cylinderhead-Round- CNC Cylinderhead round - ports ready by CNC 973,61 
GM001-Rund-completa Cylinderhead Cylinderhead-Round- unfinished ports- complete- 1415,62 
GM001-Rund-completa- Cylinderhead Cylinderhead - Round- ports ready by CNC -complete- 1780,29 
GM001-Oval Cylinderhead Cylinderhead-Oval-unfinished ports 609,09 
GM001-Oval-CNC Cylinderhead Cylinderhead-Oval-ports ready by CNC 973,61 
GM001-Oval-completa Cylinderhead Cylinderhead-Oval-complete - unfinished ports- 1415,62 
GM001-Oval-completa- Cylinderhead Cylinderhead-Oval-complete- ports ready by CNC 1780,29 
GM002 A Rocker Cover Rocker Cover Aluminium 80,04 
GM002 M Rocker Cover Rocker Cover-Magnesium- 80,04 
GM003 Bolt Bolt M6x25 0,32 
GM004 Spark Plug Spark Plug G54V 38,41 
GM005 Manifold Clamp Manifold Clamp 10,58 
GM006-R- Inlet Manifold Inlet Manifold-Round- 37,46 
GM006-OV- Inlet Manifold Inlet Manifold-Oval- 37,46 
GM007 Exhaus Manifold Exhaust Manifold 12,51 
GM008 Bolt Bolt M8x30 -Button Head- 0,61 
GM009 Bolt M-6x20 0,31 
GM010  M12/16 insert 2,52 
GM011 Bearing Retainer Bearing Retainer 0,60 
GM012 Bolt M 5x12 0,31 
GM013 Key Key (camshaft) 0,61 
GM014 Washer washer M6 0,61 
GM015 Lock Washer Lock Washer 0,31 
GM016 Bolt Bolt M6x30 1,16 
GM017 Cam Bearing  Cam Bearing (Head) 23,07 
GM018 Cam Baering  Cam Bearing  10,09 
GM019 Rocker Race  Rocker Race  15,39 
GM020 Rocker Bearing Bearing-Rockerarm- 14,44 
GM021 Rocker Needles Rocker Needles for C019 (30 pcs.) 5,02 
GM022 Camshaft Camshaft P007 , P1 , P34S , P4 , P44 , P4s , P34 ,  192,00 
GM023 CamHub Cam Hub 23,54 
GM024 Cam Sprocket Cam Sprocket - 30 Tooth - 40,34 
GM025 Bolt  Bolt M5x12 0,31 
GM026 Disc Spring Disc Spring fpr C025 0,31 
GM027 Tappet Adjuster  3,09 
GM028 Nut Nut for GM027 M6 x .75 0,31 
GM029 Lash Cap Lash Cap 2,53 
GM030 Valve Exhaust Valve Exhaust 29,00 mm (different Valvediameters, Stemdiameters , look at the Tuninglist) 42,75 
GM031 Valve Intake Valve Intake 34,00 mm (different Valvediameters, Shaftdiameters, look at the Tuninglist) 42,75 
GM032 Valve Guide Valve Guide Exhaust (for 6 mm stem) 20,20 
GM033 Valve Guide Valve Guide Intake (for 6 mm stem ) 20,20 
GM034 Valve Seat Valve Seat Exhaust (different oversize / material look at the Tuninglist) 12,50 
GM035 Valve Seat Valve Seat Intake 12,50 
GM036 Bearing Pin Bearing Pin 0,61 
GM037 Split Shim Split Shim 0,61 
GM038 Rocker Arm Rocker Arm Exhaust 121,97 
GM039 Rocker Arm Rocker Arm Intake 121,97 
GM222-R- Rocker Roler Rocker Roler Repairkit 34,73 
GM040-S- Shim Shim for Spring - Steel - 0,61 
GM040-F- Shim Shim for Spring -Fiber- 1,07 
GM041 Valvespring Valvespring (different springs,look at the Tuninglist)  151,59 
GM042 Spring Retainer Spring Retainer 5,78 
GM043 Collets  Collets for 6 mm shaft 4,35 
GM044 Bottom Spring Plate Bottom Spring Plate for double Spring 3,00 
GM050-86- Pistonkit Slipper Pistonkit for 85,90 mm bore size incl. rings, pins, wire locks Piston other diameters, look at the Tuninglist 323,15 
GM202-90- Pistonkit Slipper Pistonkit for 90,00 mm bore size (89,93-89,96)incl.Pistonrings,Pin,Circlips, Piston other diameters, look at the Tuninglist 302,41 
GM051 pistonpin Pistonpin for GM050 29,80 
GM052 Pistonring First pistonring-compressionring for GM050 (86,00 mm) 18,28 
GM053 GM053 2. pistonring-oilring- for GM050 (86,00 mm) 22,10 
GM054 Pistonpin Circlips Pistonpin Circlips for GM050 -setprice- (2 pcs.) 1,98 
GM055R-78,50 GM055R-78,50 Flywheel-Set Round , 78,50 mm Hub  
GM005SP-78,50 Flywheels  Flywheels - Set Special ; 78,50 mm Hub 0 
GM055EV-78,50 Flywheels Flywheels Evolution ; 78,50 mm Hub 0 
GM055R-86,00 Flywheels Flywheels-Set- round ; 86,00 mm Hub 0 
GM055SP-86,00 Flywheels Flywheels- Set- Special ; 86,00 mm Hub 0 
GM055EV-86,00 Flywheels  Flywheels-Set- Evolution ; 86,00 mm Hub 0 
GM056  Camchain Camchain 34,59 
GM056S Camchain Camchain. On order, please let us know if needed for short or long offset engine.  34,59 
GM-Steuerkette-128- Camchain Long Camchain for the GM Offset Engine. Long Engine ! - 128- Link- . Advantage compared with the GM camchain C056S : longer lifetime, greater running qualities, goes off better, high quality, Price on request ! 53,43 
GM-Steuerkette-124- Camchain Short Camchain for the GM Offset Engine. Short Engine ! - 124 Link - . Advantage compared with the GM camchain C056S : longer lifetime, greater running qualities, goes off better, high quality. Price on request ! 51,29 
GM057 Link Link 2,96 
GM058.34 Big End Bearing Big End Bearing 34x42x20 (Silverbearing) 39,52 
GM058.35 Big End Bearing Big End Bearing 35x42x20 (Silverbearing) 39,52 
GM086 BE trust washer  Big End Trust Washer for GM0508 34x0,8 ; 35x0,8 -Set- (2 pcs.)  8,26 
GM059-150,25 Conrod orig. GM Conrod 150,25 mm 288,08 
GM059-163,00 Conrod orig. GM Conrod 163,00 mm 288,08 
GM059-164,50 Conrod orig. GM Conrod 164,50 mm  288,08 
GM059-165,00 Conrod  orig. GM Conrod 165,00 mm 288,08 
GM060STD. Crankpin STD. Crankpin orig.GM Standard 33,96 mm GW-Crankpin special , look at the tuninglist 37,50 
GM060OV1 CrankpinOV1 Crankpin orig.GM Oversize 1 33,99 mm GW-Crankpin special, look at the tuninglist  37,50 
GM060OV2 CrankpinOV2 Crankpin orig.GM Oversize 2 34,01 mm GW-Crankpin special, look at the tuninglist 47,07 
GM060STD A Crankpin STD A  Crankpin orig.GM Standard 34,96 mm GW-Crankpin special, look at the tuninglist 44,17 
GM060OV A1 CrankpinOV A1 Crankpin orig.GM Oversize A1 34,99 mm GW-crankpin special, look at the tuninglsit 47,07 
GM060OV A2 Crankpin Crankpin orig.GM Oversize A2 35,01 mm GW-Crankpin special, look at the tuninglist 47,07 
GM061 Core Plug Core Plug for Crankpin set of 2 1,47 
GM062 Bearing Lock Screw Bearing Lock Screw 2,52 
GM063 Shaft Magnet Shaft Magnet 5,02 
GM064 circlip Circlip 0,60 
GM065 Drive Sprocket Drive Sprocket 25,94 
GM066 Sprocket Sprocket camchain 24,98 
GM067 Main Shaft Main Shaft left side 36,51 
GM067 BD Main Shaft Main Shaft for Belt Drive  55,71 
GM068 Main Shaft Main Shaft Right  49,94 
GM069 Ignition Shaft Ignition Shaft 29,79 
GM070 Bearing Bearing -Left- (driving side) 24,98 
GM071 Bearing Bearing - Timing Side - (right) 28,81 
GM072 Bearing Bearing 17x30x7 15,38 
GM073 Bearing IGN. Cover Bearing 10x26x8 10,08 
GM074 Main Housing Main Housing -Driving Side- (left) 36,51 
GM075 Main Housing Main Housing-Timing Side- (right) 42,26 
GM076 Shim Shim for GM077 0,60 
GM077 Oil Filter Oil Filter  25,94 
GM078  Oilpump Oilpump 22,10 
GM079 Spring Spring for GM078 1,94 
GM080 Hexagonal Hexagonal joint  3,08 
GM081 Spring Washer Spring Washer 0,60 
GM082 M12 Nut M12 Nut - Ignition- 0,60 
GM083 Washer Washer 26x50x1,5 for -housing spacer -left side- 1,94 
GM084 Washer  Crank Thrust Washer - rightside- 3,08 
GM085 Washer Crank Thrust Washer - left- 3,08 
GM086 34 Washer Washer 34x0,8 for conrod (GM058) Price per pcs. 3,98 
GM086 35 Washer  Washer 35x0,8 for conrod (GM058) Price per pcs. 3,98 
GM100  Crank Case Crank Case 556,94 
GM100 OFF C  Crank Case  Crank Case for long offset engine 535,52 
GM100 Baby OFF C Crankcase Crankcase for short Offset Engine , (Baby Engine)  556,94 
GM101/86 Cylinder  Cylinder 86,00 mm 364,88 
GM101/90 Cylinder  Cylinder 90,00 mm  364,88 
GM102 Sump Sump 26,91 
GM102 MG Sump Sump- Magnesium 26,91 
GM103 Bolt Bolt M6x20 0,32 
GM104 Bolt Bolt M10x1,25 25 mm Long for cylinderhead 3,09 
GM105 Bolt  Bolt M8x35x1,25 for cylinderhead 1,95 
GM107 Washer Washer 8 mm for GM105 0,32 
GM108 Washer Washer 10,00 mm for GM109 0,32 
GM109 Bolt Bolt M-10x35x1,25 -for cylinder - 3,09 
GM110 Thread Hull Thread Hull M10/16  2,53 
GM111 Bolt Bolt M-4x12 0,32 
GM112 Flapper Stop Flapper Stop 2,53 
GM113 Flapper  Flapper  2,53 
GM114 Oil Filler Cap Oil Filler Cap 3,09 
GM115 Breather  Breather  3,09 
GM116 Drain Plug Drain Plug-Magnetic- 5,03 
GM117 Bolt  Bolt M5x40 -Ignition- 0,32 
GM118 Bolt  Bolt-Ignition- M5x30 (1 x) 0,32 
GM119 Washer  Washer for GM117-GM118 0,32 
GM120 Stator Stator - Selettra Ignition-
(PVL Ignition , look list Tuning Parts) 
GM121 Ignition coil Ignition coil 115,24 
GM122  Protection rubber 1,50 
GM123 Spark Plug Cap Spark Plug Cap 10,59 
GM124 Earth Lead Earth Lead 3,87 
GM125 Timing Cover  Timing Cover-Alu- (Magnesium on request) 121,00 
GM126 Ignition Cover Ignition Cover-Alu- (Magnesium on request) 65,31 
GM150 Rocker Cover Rocker Cover 1,95 
GM173 O-Ring Rocker Cover O-Ring , New Type 1,17 
GM151 Headgasket Headgasket 86,00 mm 21,15 
GM200 Headgasket Headgasket 90,00 mm 21,15 
GM174 Headgasket Cylinderheadgasket -O Ring- , New Type 2,32 
GM152 Badge Badge, different colours (black,red,blue,green) 5,79 
GM153 Gasket Exhaust Gasket Exhaust  1,17 
GM154 Basegasket  Basegasket 86,00 mm 5,80 
GM201 Basegasket Basegasket 90,00 mm 5,79 
GM155 Gasket Timing Cover Gasket 1,17 
GM156 Gasket Ignition Cover Gasket 1,17 
GM157 Gasket Sump Gasket 1,17 
GM176 O-Ring Sump O-Ring , New Type 1,17 
GM158 Oil Seal Crankshaft Oil Seal -Left- 5,79 
GM159 Oil Seal  Crankshaft Oilseal - Right -  5,79 
GM160 Oil Seal Ignition Shaft Oil Seal 5,79 
GM161 O-Ring Ignition Shaft O-Ring 0,61 
GM162 Adjuster  Adjuster  1,66 
GM163 Chain Tensioner Chain Tensioner - old model- 10,09 
GM172 Chain Tensioner Chain Tensioner -new model- 13,49 
GM164 Bolt  Bolt for Chain Tensioner 3,09 
GM165 Chain Guide Chain Guide 12,00 
GM166 Bolt Bolt for Chain Guide  0,61 
GM167 Oil Pipe  Oil Pipe  1,17 
GM168 Oil Tube Banjo Oil Tube Banjo 3,38 
GM169 Bolt Banjo Bolt 3,38 
GM170 Washer  Washer-Copper- for GM169 0,32 
GM171 Complete Set Complete Set Oil Level 13,45 
GM202-90-K Pistonkit  Slipper Pistonkit for 90,00 mm bore size (89,93-89,96)incl.Pistonrings, Pins,Circlips, other Piston-Diameters, look at the Tuninglist 258,00 
Finned Half Moon Finned Half Moon Finned Half Moon expressly developed for increases the heat exchange. The material and the finned surface reduce the temperature of cylinder head. Available in various anodizing 39,00 
Black Ignition Cover Ignition Cover  Black Vented GM Ignition Cover  0 
Shark Ignition Cover Shark Ignition Cover Ignition Cover expressly developed for reduce the temperature of the stator. The particular geometry ensures air circulation and reduces the maximum temperature of about 30 °C. Delivered with high quality bearing. Available in various anodizing color. 147,00