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Kawasaki  Ninja ZX14 (2006-2011)
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PCPM4035 Piston CP Piston, 84mm std.bore (1352cc), year 2006-11, 9.5:1 turbo (1set=4piston) 728,57 
PCPM4036 Piston CP Piston, 84mm std.bore (1352cc), year 2006-11, 13.5:1 (1seet=4Piston) 728,57 
PCPM4037 Piston CP Piston, 86mm +2mm oversize (1418cc), year 2006-11, 13.25:1 (1seet=4piston) 728.57 
PCPM4038 Piston CP Piston, 87mm+3mm oversize (1450cc), year 2006-11, 14.0:1 (1seet=4piston) 728,57 
CCKA-ZX14-8M4429S ConRod High class CARRILLO connecting rod kit, the conrods are milled from forged pieces and hardened in a special procedure. High quality screws with extremely consistence connecting the two-part rods. Light weight as a further advantage for speed increase in the range of racing. Setprice:  1177,14 
DC-8460 Gasket Cylinder-Head-Gasket, 84mm 72,30 
DC-8621 Gasket Cylinder-Head-Gasket, 86mm 72,30 
DC-8622 Gasket Cylinder-Head-Gasket, 87mm 72,30