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Kawasaki  W 650 (1999-2006)
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W650-Kit1 Tuning Kit 1 Cylinder new sleeves boring and honing for 81mm.Pistonkit 81mm 855ccm 10,7:1.Head Gasket to add to 81mm.Crankshaft balancing with master weights incl.Carillo conrods. Cylinder head porting inclusive radius valve seat cutting.Inclusive Shot peen of the combustion chamber and channel. 2516,14 
W650-Kit2 Tuning Kit 2 Cylinder new sleeves boring and honing for 79mm.Pistonkit 79mm 813ccm 10,25:1.Head Gasket to add to 79mm. Crankshaft balancing with master weights on a dynamic balancing machine.  1361,43 
Nockenwelle  Camshaft  Camshaft Tuning-Profile. Your Camshaft reprofiled and surface treatment. Camshafts for reprofiling must not show any defects. 282,86 
PCP-W650-75 Piston Kit CP Forget Piston 75mm 733ccm comp. 9,3:1 Cylinder only boring 440,00 
PCP-W650-79 Piston Kit CP Forget-Pistonkit 79mm 813ccm 10,25:1 need Bigbore Sleeve 440,00 
PCP-W650-81 Pistonkit  CP Forget-Pistonkit 81 mm. Need Bigbore Sleeve 0 
CCP-W650 Carillo Conrod Set Carillo Conrods for Kawasaki W650 Call us for delivery time. 966,72 
GW-85 crankshaft balancing  Crankshaft balancing with master weight  188,57 
Laufbuchse  Sleeve Big Bore Sleeve for bore size 81 mm Setpreis (2 PCs.)  242,86