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Kawasaki  W 650 (1999-2006)
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(without tax)
W650-Kit1 Tuning Kit 1 Cylinder new sleeves boring and honing for 81mm.Pistonkit 81mm 855ccm 10,7:1. Original Head Gasket to add to 81mm.Crankshaft balancing with master weights incl.Carillo conrods. Cylinder head porting inclusive radius valve seat cutting.Inclusive Shot peen of the combustion chamber and channel. 2582,08 
W650-Kit2 Tuning Kit 2 Cylinder new sleeves boring and honing for 79mm.Pistonkit 79mm 813ccm 10,25:1.Head Gasket to add to 79mm. Crankshaft balancing with master weights on a dynamic balancing machine.  1361,43 
Nockenwelle  Camshaft  Camshaft Tuning-Profile. Your Camshaft reprofiled and surface treatment. Camshafts for reprofiling must not show any defects. 282,86 
PCP-W650-75 Piston Kit CP Forget Piston 75mm 733ccm comp. 9,3:1 Cylinder only boring 440,00 
PCP-W650-79 Piston Kit CP Forget-Pistonkit 79mm 813ccm 10,25:1 need Bigbore Sleeve 462,86 
PCP-W650-81 Pistonkit  CP Forget-Pistonkit 81 mm. Need Bigbore Sleeve 462,86 
CCP-W650 Carillo Conrod Set Carillo Conrods for Kawasaki W650 Call us for delivery time. 966,72 
GW-85 crankshaft balancing  Crankshaft balancing with master weight  188,57 
Laufbuchse  Sleeve Big Bore Sleeve for bore size 81 mm Setpreis (2 PCs.)  265,72