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KTM  525 (2000-2007)
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Product-Nr. Product Description Retail €
(without tax)
HC3015-1-525 Camshaft Stage1 Excellent midrange and top-end increase  181,82 
PCP-KTM525-95 Piston Forget Piston CP-pistons 94,95mm incl.rings,pin and clips 220,00 
PCP-KTM525-B95 Piston Forget Piston CP-Pistons 95,03mm for repair-honing from cylinder 220,00 
PCP-KTM525-97 Piston Forget Pistonkit CP-Pistons 97,00mm 532cc Cylinder boring and LFC plating. 220,00 
KTM525-6520 Piston KTM 525 Pistonkit OEM quality, deliverable in 94,94mm,94,95mm,94,96,97,00mm and 98,00mm 115,89 
KTM525-97-69-45 Cylinder KTM 525 Cylinder boring to 97mm 532cc and LFC plating incl. Forget Pistonkit CP-Pistons 488,57 
CT-KTM525 CT-KTM525 conrod kit inkl.washers, silverbearing and big end pin and with bronce bushing at the pin end bore  170,00 
C8666/525EXC Connecting Rod Connecting Rod Kit ,2003 - 2007. 186,82