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Suzuki  GSF 1250 Bandit (2007-2012)
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GSF-1250-Kit1 Tuning-Kit GSF 1250 Bandit Tuningkit ,CP-Pistonkit 79mm compr.11,5:1 ,camshafts new profiled with Tornado Stage 1,Head and bottom gasket and cylinder diamond honing. Honing is necessary  1656,43 
GSF-1250-Kit2 Tuning-Kit GSF 1250 Bandit Tuningkit stage2 CP-Pistonkit 81mm compr.12:1 1318cc camshafts new profiled with Tornado Stage 1,cylinder bore ,LFC replate and diamond honing Head and bottom gasket.  2430,71 
GSF-1250-HDFLOW Tuning-Kit Cylinderhead Valveseat milling and Flow optimise,Valves cleaning and grinding,combustion chamber glass bead blasting and valve stem seals. 840,43 
TC-Bandit1250-st1 Camshaft Suzuki GSF 1250 Bandit Tornado Camshaftprofil stage1,camshaft reprofiled and surface treatment. 728,57