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Yamaha  V-Max (2009-2009)
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Product-Nr. Product Description Retail €
(without tax)
TC-VMax/09/09 Camshaft Camshaft reprofiled and surface treatment. Price on request !  
PCPVMAX/09-09/90mm Piston CP - Forget Pistonkit of the extra class 90,00. Delivery including the suitable piston - rings, wrist pins and wire locks. The cylinder must be honed with diamond honing stones. Cylinder honing is necessary concerning the correct running clearance and the surface roughness adequately to the piston ring. Price and deliverytime on request.  
V-Max/09-09/40 cylinder LFC coating Cylinder LFC coating. Price and deliverytime on request !  
CCVMAX/09 Conrod High class CARRILLO connecting rod, milled from forged pieces and hardened in a special procedure. Light weight as a further advantage for speed increase in the range of racing. Price on request !