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Yamaha  YFZ R6 (2003-2005)
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Product-Nr. Product Description Retail €
(without tax)
TC-R6-SS-2005 Camshaft Tornado Camshaftprofile Super-Sport, Camshafts are regrinded with new Profile. 585,71 
R6-247959-66,5 Piston Forget Pistonkit 66,50mm Comp.12,5:1 618cc 642,86 
R6-247959-25-46 Piston Forget Pistonkit 66,50mm Comp.12,5:1 618cc incl.boring and LFC coating. 1528,57 
Zylinder-Kopf  Cylinder-head Cylinder head -customer´s property- Valve seats milling incl. radius valve seat cutting , incl. shot peen of combustion chamber and channels  536,15