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Triton  Triton 450 (2008-2012)
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Triton-Kit1 Tuningkit Stage1 Combustion chamber glass beads blasting Cylinderhead valve seat milling and Flow optimised where the highest Gasspeed.The cylinder will be bored for 96,50mm deburred and honed.CP-Piston Kit 96,50mm. Crankshaft balacing highly commended! 486,26 
Triton-Kit2 Tuning Kit 2 Cylinder head porting inclusive radius valve seat cutting.Inclusive Shot peen of the combustion chamber and channels.Valves check,clean and grind. The cylinder will be bored for 97mm deburred and honed. CP-Piston Kit 97mm . Crankshaft balancing for CP-Piston. Camshaftkit regrinding.  937,10 
TC-Triton450-ST1 Camshaft Camshafts for Triton 450 reprofiled and surface treatment stage 1. Cylinderhead valve seat milling is necessary ! 300,00 
PCP-Triton97 Piston Triton 450 Forget Piston CP-Piston 97,00 mm + 1mm ! 65gr.lighter than original! Crankshaft balacing highly commended! 220,00 
PCP-Triton98HC Piston On request ! Special made ! Triton 450 Forget Piston CP-Piston 98,00mm + 2mm Comp.13:1 467ccm !65gr.lighter than original! Crankshaft balancing highly commended.  
CP-Triton9700/03 Piston Forget Piston CP-Piston 97,00 mm (+ 1 mm) Triton 450 incl.Cylinder boring and honing 309,89 
63 Crankshaft balancing Crankshaft fine balancing for the pisten weigth 136,56