Kawasaki  KX450F (2009-2012)

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(without tax)
KX450F/09-12/KIT 1 KX450F/09-12/KITCylinder head porting inclusive radius valve seat cutting. Inclusive Shot peen of the combustion chamber and channels. Incl.New Tornado Camshaft IN/EX. CP Project X-Platinum Kit of the extra class 96,00 mm. Compression 13,5:1. Incl. DLC-coated pistonpin, pistonrings, and wire locks. Pistonpin is 1 mm smaller than the original. Inclusive cylinder honing with diamond honing stones. Cylinder honing is necessary concerning the correct running clearance and the surface roughness adequately to the piston ring. Incl. Carrillo conrod (conrod is 3 mm longer as standard), incl. Big End Pin and Silverbearing. Crankshaft disassembly / assembly and balancing. Incl.Top End gasket 1203,20
KX450F/09-12/KIT 2part kit Extremely high class Carrillo connecting rod incl. big end pin and silverbearing. Rod is 3 mm longer than the standard one and hardened in a special procedure. Light weight as a further advantage for speed increase in the range of racing. CP - Forged Pistonkit of the extra class, pistonpin DLC-coated and 1 mm smaler than standard. Compr. 13,5:1 , diameter 96,00 mm standard. Incl. Top End Gasket New Tornado Camshaft Intake/Exhaust Good midrange and top-end increase. 945,63
TC-KX450F 09-12 TC-KX450F 09-12 New Tornado Camshaft-Intake/Exhaust. Good midrange and top-end increase. For year of construction 09-12. Price is for a set, Intake and Exhaust cam.379,92
PSIMX2107PSIMX2107high quality valve springs/exhaust KX450 (for valve XEVM23002)65.57
XIVM23001XIVM23001high quality titan valve/intake Kawa KX450F year 09-12145.63
XEVM23002XEVM23002high quality titan valve/exhaust Kawa KX450F year 09-12145.63
XLOM55752XLOM55752high quality valve keepers/intake KX450 (for valve XIVM23001)22.29
XLOM55753XLOM55753high quality valve keepers/exhaust KX450 (for valve XEVM23002)22.29
XREM23000XREM23000high quality steel valve retainers KX450 (4x)140.37
28.4409-1ValveTitaniumProx Exhaust Titanium Ventil, 2009 - 2015.102,49
28.4409-2ValveTitaniumProx Intake Titanium Valve, 2009 - 2015.102,49
P4409.APistonProx Pistion Kit , 95,97 mm , 2009 - 2012.145,60
P4409.BPistonProx Piston Kit, 95,98 mm , 2009 - 2012.145,60
P4409.CPistonProx Piston Kit, 95,99 mm , 2009 - 2012.145,60
C4409/KX450FConnecting RodConnecting Rod Kit, 2009 - 2016.147,58
C8684/KX450FConnecting RodConnecting Rod Kit, 2009 - 2015.192,43
HR4194/KX450FCrankshaftStroker Crankshaft, + 3 mm , 471cc , Model 2009.469,23
HR4094/KX450F/09CrankshaftCrankshaft,Model 2009386,40
HR4094/KX450F/09CrankshaftCrankshaft,Model 2009386,40
31.4409Cam ChainCam Chain , 2009 - 2016.72,92
34.4419GasketsProx compl. Gaskets, 2009 - 2013.130,52
35.4419GasketsProx Top End Set, 2009 - 2015.56,92