Suzuki  DR 350 (1991-2001)

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DR350-Kit1Tuningkit Stage1Cylinderhead shot peen of combustion chamber and channels, valve seat milling and flow optimise. Valves check, clean and grind. Camshaft reprofiled and surface treatment-stage 1. Cylindder bore to 83mm 385ccm, deburred and honed.CP forged Piston Kit 83mm. Top End gasket . -Only on Request-607,76
PCPDR350-83PCPDR350-83CP pistonkit 83,00 mm. Dome style-flat. Incl. pistonrings, pin, circlips. -Only on Request-220,00
PCPDR350 89PCPDR350 89CP pistonkit 89,00 mm. Dome style-dish. Incl.pistonrings, pin, circlips. (Attention: Big Bore sleeve is needed) -Only on Request - 220,00
BFL5112BBFL5112BBig Bore Sleeve . Cylinder resleeving is needed for 89,00 mm -Only on Request-108,57
2020Cylinder bore big bore (over 1 mm) -Only on Request-81,71
5656Cylinder resleeving for 89,00 mm , incl.plan, bore and hone . -Only on Request -154,00
STK-82-108GL/DRZ350STK-82-108GL/DRZ350high quality camchain, 108link38,80