2010 - CP and Carrillo legally become one entity with 2 brands

CP Pistons and Carrillo industries have joined forces with one goal in mind. Offer high quality performance products with excellent customer service. „It‘s a unique partnership,“ said Barry Calvert, President of CP-Carrillo.“ Both companies strive to provide the best internal engine components to the customer. Offering both, pistons and rods is a tremendous added value for the customers.

CP Pistons
High Performance Pistons designed by Barry Calvert

After Barry Calvert finished the work with JE Pistons, he and his brothers focused their expertise on the high-end racing market. With the claim to make the best High Performance Pistons in the world and with the support of the Pankl Group they reached it after a view years.

HSC 3 coating for friction optimising recommendable
extreme stability
tested for high temperature
special CP-Pistonrings
reduce friction
piston pin with DLC-coating
double forced pin oilers
anti detonation grooves
accumulator groove

The ultimate components in the latest four stroke technology.
ISO 9001 certified
Custom made pistons possible. Minimum quantity 4 pieces.

Carrillo Conrods
the unique connecting rod.

This high-quality connecting rod is milled from forged pieces, the surfaces of which are then packed by shot-peening. Further highlights of CARILLO con rods are their light weight and high-quality screws. CARILLO, the connection between pistons and crankshaft. A guarantee for maximum stability, high quality. For more than 20 years we have been using these connecting rods for tuning.

Special designs from specific drawings or samples are possible!

CP Pistons and Carrillo conrods available for the most models of motorcycles and cars