Recognized as the proven source for cranks and rods.

Hot Rod connecting rods-the latest generation of con rods. Today shot-peened surfaces are no longer a luxury. Having recognized this fact, Japanese manufacturers have their con rods produced in Taiwan. The core product included in the delivery range is the silver bearing, which has been designed for the highest standards and stability. A product that stands up to any comparison with competitive products.

Hot Rod crankshafts are available as new parts at a sensational price. Problematic cases such as oil displacement plates for Honda CR 250 or expensive original parts are a thing of the past. Silver bearings and shot-peened special con rods are the basis for highest quality. Con rod spare parts, such as crank webs for Banshee 350 are also not a problem for us . Non-solid forget crank pins are the solution for economic overhauling of faulty crankshafts

Super-Moto, Moto-Cross, Enduro, Supersport and Superbike.