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KTM LC4 CP Pitson of the premium class.

CP Piston with DLC coated piston pin,
piston skirt coating, piston crown coating, including the suitable piston rings and circlips.
- reduce friction
- more heat resistant


Husqvarna 450 Tuning Kit


Yamaha XT/SR500

Yamaha XT und SR 500 cylinder bore and hone - possible with the stud bolts -
Inclusive CP forged pistonkit .
Crankshaft repair / balancing inclusive high quality con rod kit with bronce bushing at the pin end bore , silver bearing and special hardened big end pin.

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Crankshaft Yamaha R1 2018-2020

High class CARRILLO connecting rod kit.
The best alternative so that the crankcase remains intact.

The Carrillo conrods are milled from forged pieces and hardened in a special procedure. High quality screws with extremely consistence, connecting the two-part rods. Light weight as a further advantage for speed increase in the range of racing.

We also offer the crankshaft balancing.