GM  GM250 (0-13)

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GM250 Teile GM250 parts0
V-GM250 EXvalve Exhaust Valve 26mm /5 mm valve stem, -flow optimized, plasma nitrided for wear contraction.44,29
V-GM250 INvalveIntake Valve 32,5 mm /5mm valve stem, -flow optimized,plasma nitrided for wear contraction.44,29
PCPGM250pistonkitCP Pistonkit for GM 250 cc engines. Lightweight from the new X-forging, latest Tecnology! - Bore diameter 79,00 mm - Pistonsize 78,95 mm - minimize friction - reduce weight - incl. pistonskirt coating - incl. DLC ´coated Piston pin - double pin oilers - anti detonations grooves - 2 ring piston compressionring 0,8 mm, 3-pcs. oilring 1,5 mm 315,86
CTGM250conrod kit Conrod Kit 120,60 mm , incl.silverb-earing, crankpin and washers. Small end incl. bronce bushing. Lighter than the original rod. 198,57
VergaserCarburetorNew carburetor special designed for GM und JRM 250 cc methanol engines. - high efficiency - easy to set up629,50