Kawasaki  ZX12R (2000-2005)

Product-Nr. Product Description Picture Retail €
(without tax)
TC-ZX12RCamshaftCamshaft reprofiled and surface treatment. Excellent midrange and top-end increase ! Camshafts for reprofiling must not show any defects.585.71
PCPM3014/ZX12RPistonkitCP-Pistonkit 83mm Comp.Ratio 13,5:1800,00
PCPM3015PistonCP Piston, 85mm bore +2mm oversize (1257cc), year 2000-05, 12.5:1 (1set=4Piston)800,00
CCKA-ZX12-8M4323SConrodHigh class CARRILLO connecting rod kit, the conrods are milled from forged pieces and hardened in a special procedure. High quality screws with extremely consistence connecting the two-part rods. Light weight as a further advantage for speed increase in the range of racing. Setprice:1519,71
53FinebalancingCrankshaft electronically dynamic balance exactly 0,1gr,Conrods and Pistons adjusted for excellent true run. 281,29
DC-8642gasketCylinder-head-gasket, 83mm,68.84
DC-8643gasketCylinder-head-gasket, 85mm72,30