Yamaha  TRX/TDM850 (1991-1997)

Product-Nr. Product Description Picture Retail €
(without tax)
Zylinderkopf-BearbeiCylinderheadMilling the valve seats inclusive radius valve seat cutting and shot peen of the combustion chamber and channels.174,00
TC-TRX/TDM850camshaft profile Torando Camshaftprofile for reprofiling the customer cams. Cams for reprofiling must not Show any defects. Excellent midrange and top end increase. 427,15
PCPTRX/TDM850/91 mm Pistonkit , pin 20 mmCP Pistons forged pistonkit for iron cast cylinder, bore size 91,00 mm, Piston pin 20,00 mm. Price per set = 2 x Piston incl. rings, Pins, wire locks 454,30
CCCarrillo TRX/TDM85conrod Carrillo rod für TRX/TDM 850. Price per set = 2 PCs. 966,72
Kopfdichtung Headgasket Headgasket for bore size 91 mm 0
21Cylinder boring2 cylinder block bore, debure and hone over 1 mm. Price is complete for both cylinders. (the customer have to send the cylinder) 140,00