Yamaha  V-Max (1985-2007)

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(without tax)
V-Max Kit-1500Tuning-KitYamaha V-Max Tuningkit 1500cc,Cylindersleeves Bigbore 85mm, CP-Forget Pistons,Head Gasket,Cylinderhead grinding and flow optimized,Camshafts regrinding with Tornado Profil2592,86
TC-VMax-st1CamshaftTORNADO Camshaft-Profil STAGE1 more Power in all situations.Camshaft reprofiled and surface treatment.585,71
TC-VMax-st2CamshaftTORNADO Camshaft-Profil STAGE2 more Power in middle and high rpm,camshaft reprofiled and surface treatment. to recommend Tappets with Shim under and Springkit with Titanium Retainer.585,71
VF80-8021Valve Springs KitValve Spring Kit120,63
VF80-8023Valve Spring KitRetainer Titanium incl.Keepers, 1985 - 2007.265,40
VF80-8030Valve GuidesBronze Valve Guide, Intake/Exhaust,standard size, 1985 - 2007.22,41
VF80-8032Valve GuidesValve Guide ,Exhaust/Intake, Oversize + 0.002 , 1985 - 200722,41
VF80-8039Valve GuidesBronze Valve Guide , Intake/Exhaust , Oversize + 0.015 , 1985 - 2007.22,41
PCP-VMax-7900PistonCP Pistons Forget Pistonkit 79,00 mm, incl. pistonrings, pins, wire locks. 750,00
PCP-VMax-8500PistonCP Pistons Forged Piston-Kit 85,00 mm, incl.Pistonrings, Pins, wire locks .750,00
PCPVMAX8550piston set CP Pistons Forged Piston-Kit 85,50 mm, incl.Pistonrings, Pins, wire locks .750,00