Yamaha  YZ250F (2014-2015)

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YZ250F´14 TuningYZ250F´14 Tuning- New special Tuning Camshaft Intake/Exhaust, - CP forged pistonkit of the extraclass 77,00 mm, High Compression, X-Forging with pistonskirt coating and DLC coated pistonpin, - Carrillo connecting rod hardened in a special procedure incl. big end pin and silverbearing, - Top End Gasketkit
YZ250F´14 RacingYZ250F´14 RacingYamaha YZ250F 2014 Racing Kit - New special tuning camshaft Intake/Exhaust - CP forged pistonkit of the extraclass with 1 mm smaler DLC coated pistonpin, diameter 77,00 mm, high compression, with pistonskirt coating, - Carrillo connecting rod 1,5 mm longer than the standard one, hardened in a special procedure incl. big end pin and silverbearing, Light weight as a further advantage for speed increase in the range of racing - Top End Gasket 0
TC-YZ250F ´2014Camshaft0
PCPplatinum-kitPlatinum Kit0
PCPYZ250F´14 KolbenYZ250F´14 pistonCP Project X - Forged Pistonkit of the extra class 77,00 mm, High Compression. Delivery including the suitable pistonrings, DLC coated pistonpin and wire locks. Piston came standard with skirt coating, which reduces friction, which in turn reduces heat. The cylinder must be honed with diamond honing stones. Cylinder honing is necessary concerning the correct running clearance and the surface roughness adequately to the piston ring. 0
CCYZ250F ´2014conrodkit-Carrillo-0
TP-YZ250F ´2014Top End Gasket 0