Triton  Triton 450 (2008-2012)

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Triton-Kit1Tuningkit Stage1Combustion chamber glass beads blasting Cylinderhead valve seat milling and Flow optimised where the highest Gasspeed.The cylinder will be bored for 96,50mm deburred and honed.CP-Piston Kit 96,50mm. Crankshaft balacing highly commended!486,26
Triton-Kit2Tuning Kit 2Cylinder head porting inclusive radius valve seat cutting.Inclusive Shot peen of the combustion chamber and channels.Valves check,clean and grind. The cylinder will be bored for 97mm deburred and honed. CP-Piston Kit 97mm . Crankshaft balancing for CP-Piston. Camshaftkit regrinding. 937,10
TC-Triton450-ST1CamshaftCamshafts for Triton 450 reprofiled and surface treatment stage 1. Cylinderhead valve seat milling is necessary !300,00
PCP-Triton97PistonTriton 450 Forget Piston CP-Piston 97,00 mm + 1mm ! 65gr.lighter than original! Crankshaft balacing highly commended!220,00
PCP-Triton98HCPistonOn request ! Special made ! Triton 450 Forget Piston CP-Piston 98,00mm + 2mm Comp.13:1 467ccm !65gr.lighter than original! Crankshaft balancing highly commended.
CP-Triton9700/03PistonForget Piston CP-Piston 97,00 mm (+ 1 mm) Triton 450 incl.Cylinder boring and honing309,89
63Crankshaft balancingCrankshaft fine balancing for the pisten weigth136,56